Sanctuary East

a one-night revival in the spirit of the original Sanctuary festival in Brooklyn, combining art, music, performance, and culture in an intimate setting

Manhattan, NY | 2018

The Food Film Festival

a multi-day, competitive, film festival where guests watch films about food and simultaneously taste the exact dishes they see on the screen...right in their seats!  

New York, NY | 2015, 2016, 2017


a three week long multi-media arts festival celebrating community, spirituality and creative expression

Brooklyn, NY | 2017

The World Premiere of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown: Chicago

a Food Film Fest event featuring the Chicago episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown where guests eat every dish Anthony eats throughout the screening

Chicago, IL | 2016

The Food Film Festival: Other Cities

over the years, the Food Film Festival has traveled to other cities across the US & abroad, producing smaller versions of the NYC flagship festival, but with a local spin. 

Chicago, IL | 2014
Charleston, SC | 2015
South Walton, FL | 2016

The Great American Burger Book

"the first book to showcase a wide range of regional hamburger styles and cooking methods. Author and burger expert George Motz covers traditional grilling techniques as well as how to smoke, steam, poach, and deep-fry burgers based on signature recipes from around the country."

Published April, 2016 

Film PRoduction 

a variety of projects ranging from small, independent films to documentaries, corporate anthems, and commercial shoots.